Autumn tour 2015

Saturday, 12th September
Matt and Rich decide that a UK tour is long overdue and agree a provisional list of cities as follows: Monday: Stoke-on-Trent; Tuesday: Liverpool; Wednesday: Leeds; Thursday: Derby.

Monday, 14th September
We finally get on the road at 2pm and head for Stoke-on-Trent. Rich finds an open mic in Stone run by Paul Walker. Accommodation has not been booked because their first choice was full. Rich books somewhere en route and head to the open mic. We are greeted by Paul who makes us feel at home and play three tracks. There is also the opportunity to play a couple more so Matt and Rich each play one solo cover song. A great start to the tour.

Tuesday, 15th September
We get on the road and head for Liverpool but realise the open mic is not there but in Wigan (!). Accommodation is booked for a nearby pub. As we have a few hours to spare we go in to central Liverpool and head to The Beatles Story where both learnt loads about the history of the band. Then lunch at Albert Dock then on to see the Beatles Fab4D film and the Cavern Club. Then back to the hotel to prepare for the evening and on to the open mic at The Junction in Rainford. The open mic starts around 9pm and we are 5th on, but a local band plays seven songs first, then the open mic starts. We play our set at 10.35pm but Rich's guitar is out of action so he borrows one to play the set. Shortly after we head back to the accommodation, absolutely shattered.

Wednesday, 16th September
We have a slightly later breakfast (9am) and chat to the landlords of the pub we stayed above, which is listed in the top ten most haunted pubs in the UK. Then we head to Leeds. Once there we tried to get Rich's guitar repaired at Dawsons, but the man who repairs them is away. They recommend we go to Northern Guitars to see if they can help. They know a chaps called Ben at Old Chapel Studios who might be able to help us. Lunch at a Chinese buffet then checked in to the hotel. Both have a snooze then Rich goes for a run while Matt has a longer snooze. Rich gets filmed on his run and the chap threatens to put the footage online. After that we head off to the area the pub is in that we are playing in but beforehand grab some decent Lebanese foot at a nearby eaterie. Then on to the Duck & Drake where the open mic is being run by a friendly chap called Dickie. Once we played our set we finished our drinks (excellent choice of well kept ales) and then back to the hotel for the night.

Thursday, 17th September
Mr Pulford and Mr Whiteley head to breakfast and then on to Old Chapel Studios to see Ben. He is most welcoming and fixes the guitar in a matter of minutes - after all, he is the guitar tech for Kaiser Chiefs. Then back on the road to Derby but first a stop to go round Hardwick Hall where we have lunch. Then on to the accommodation in Derby itself.

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